Early Returns

Voting Rights and the Case Against the FBI

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. William Bendix and Paul J. Quirk at the Monkey Cage on looking for signs of new domestic surveillance

2. Daniel Nichanian at Vox on voting rights.

3. Greg Sargent on the Republican plan for repeal-and-delay.

4. NPR's Tamara Keith on how Donald Trump has ignored the norm of holding news conferences

5. My Bloomberg View colleague Tyler Cowen looks at the markets for tips on how Trump is doing.

6. Kevin Drum lays out the case against the FBI, and wonders why Democrats aren't making a bigger fuss about it. I think the answer is that there's no remedy -- it's not as if the election is going to be nullified -- and so it's not clear what benefit there might be from publicly obsessing about it, even if Democrats agree with Drum's case. And it's not as if Democrats have entirely ignored the James Comey controversy. To the contrary: They've talked about it quite a bit. 

7. And a nice item over at Bloomberg Politics on the demographics of the new administration. One point that strikes me: This is a very old group. Nothing at all wrong with age diversity, including older people, but this is just a very old group. 

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