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Party Crashers, Media Failures and Droids

Here are your morning reads.

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Danish blend coffee, grab a seat by the fire, and get ready for our longer-form weekend reads:

  • Republicans Rode Waves of Populism Until They Crashed the Party (Wall Street Journal)
  • To Understand Facebook, Study Capgras Syndrome: This mental disorder gives us a unique insight into the digital age (Nautilus)
  • The Lessons of Henry Kissinger: The legendary and controversial statesman criticizes the Obama Doctrine, talks about the main challenges for the next president, and explains how to avoid war with China. (the Atlantic)
  • The forces that drove this election’s media failure are likely to get worse (NiemanLab)
  • The Story of "Ella and Louis," 60 Years Later (Longreads)
  • Unified Theory of Evolution: Darwin’s theory that natural selection drives evolution is incomplete without input from evolution’s anti-hero: Lamarck (Aeon)
  • What Modern Democracies Didn’t Copy From Ancient Greece (National Geographic); see also Lessons from GOTV experiments (Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies)
  • Lucasfilm Owns All of Your Droids (Priceonomics)
  • How to Gamify Your Life to Quickly Accomplish Big Goals (Medium)
  • Leonard Cohen Makes It Darker: At eighty-two, the troubadour has another album coming. Like him, it is obsessed with mortality, God-infused, and funny (New Yorker)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Lawrence Levy, former CFO of Pixar and author of “To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey With Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History.”

Elon Musk continues to befuddle Planet Earth

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