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Don’t Bother Listening to Economists’ Long-Term Forecasts

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The Next Recession Is Coming. Big Deal.

Never mind the Wall Street Journal’s grim economic tidingsBarry Ritholtz says predictions of an economic slowdown in the next four years are a waste of print and pixels.

Clinton Campaign E-Mails and the Fine Art of Politics

While there’s not much scandal to be found in the thousands of private campaign messages Wikileaks released recently, that doesn’t mean they’re uninteresting. Paula Dwyer says the data dump offers insight into how political realities shaped Hillary Clinton’s economic and financial policies. 

The Cities That Uber and Lyft Are Changing 

Ride-hailing apps are transforming California’s big metro regions and urban areas in the South and West, and Justin Fox argues still more growth could be on the horizon.

Titans of Law Are Nobel-Worthy, Too

Why should scientists and peacemakers get all the love? Stephen L. Carter says there are towering intellects everywhere, and Stockholm should take special notice of those in the legal field.

Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Government to Act 

Wyoming’s wild horse population has grown out of the state’s control, but the courts say nature is allowed to take its course. Noah Feldman makes sense of a law that seems more informed by romanticism than environmental science.

Ritholtz’s Reads

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  • Little-known trading strategy exacerbates market turmoil: Knee-jerk, automated selling a factor behind the severity of recent slumps (Financial Times)

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