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The Surprising Truth About Taxes and Inequality

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Tax Cuts Don’t Always Exacerbate Inequality

Despite the conventional wisdom, Noah Smith finds that some of the biggest income gains for the top 1 percent in the U.S. have come when taxes were raised. But the question remains: Why?

Trump Spares GOP a Reckoning on Economic Policy

The rise of Donald Trump has forced the Republican Party to reckon with racism, xenophobia and misogyny deep in its base, and that’s enough for now. But Francis Wilkinson argues that the next GOP candidate will have to confront a harsh reality: Republican economic orthodoxy is really, really unpopular.

China Returns to Pedal Power

Thirty years ago, most Chinese commuters traveled by bike — and after a surge in car-ownership has left cities clogged with traffic, Adam Minter reports that two-wheeled transit is coming back in style. 

What a Court Got Wrong About Dreadlocks and Race

Banning dreadlocks in the workplace doesn’t amount to racial discrimination, a U.S. federal court recently ruled. Noah Feldman says the decision reflects a fundamental lack of cultural understanding (and came down to a basic error of language).

The Sunshine State’s Orange Industry Enters Its Sunset Years

Even if the disease ravaging Florida’s citrus groves can be stopped, Americans may never regain their taste for a glass of juice with breakfast. Justin Fox explains why we live in a post-OJ world now. 

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