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Today, $557 million. Tomorrow... ?

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Trump's Financial Report? That's Rich

By any measure, Donald Trump is a wealthy man. But reality is never good enough. Timothy L. O'Brien says the candidate's new personal finance disclosure is just the latest in a series of ever-changing, often contradictory, sometimes outlandish claims he's made about his fortunes. 

True Enough: Some Politicians Are Impervious to Fact-Checking

Social networks mostly preach to the believers, especially when it comes to populists like Trump. Leonid Bershidsky examines what it means to be a journalist in an age of digitally enhanced confirmation bias.

Sanders Won't Be Fooled Again By Democracy

Voters -- who needs 'em? Not Bernie Sanders, who's trailing Hillary Clinton by some 3 million votes but hopes party elites will give him the Democratic nomination anyway. Francis Wilkinson says this raises an interesting question: What does it mean when the enemy of the people is the people?

Don't Count Out Texas Just Yet

The "Texas miracle" may have faded, but don't despair for the Lone Star State: Justin Fox crunches the numbers and finds other industries are largely compensating for the oil bust.

Money Doesn't Buy as Much Time as It Used To

Inequality may be on the rise, but it's shrinking in at least one area: mortality rates. Cass Sunstein explains why babies born to poor families today are stand a better chance of reaching old age with their more privileged counterparts.   

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