How GM's Bailout Became China's Bonanza

U.S. and Canadian taxpayers, meet Buick's new made-in-China import.

A growing friendship.

Photographer: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

During the 2012 election, President Barack Obama held up his bailout of General Motors as a model in the fight against China's growing manufacturing dominance, telling voters that the auto rescue would reverse the industry's multi-decade trend of outsourcing. A single election cycle later, the question of government support for automakers has all but disappeared from the political discourse, yet Detroit is back to sending jobs out of the industrial Midwest. And now GM is leading the way on Chinese outsourcing, announcing it will become the first U.S. firm to import a vehicle made in China to the U.S. It's about time taxpayers ask what their $50 billion rescue really bought them. 

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