Remember to Be Civil

Cleaning up the comments.

Howdy, everyone: Beginning today, I'm going to see what I can do about improving the comments section for the blog.

I know a lot of great commenters from my old blog have followed me over here, and I've also noticed quite a few new people who have lots of interesting contributions. Welcome!

What I'm going to do to make it readable and, well, welcoming, is to get rid of the distractions. That begins with comments that are insulting to other commenters. I'm removing comments with insulting nicknames or slurs for parties, ideologies and individual politicians. Also, bigoted comments. In some cases, off-topic comments; a healthy conversation could go in lots of directions, and that's great, but non-sequitur attacks? Zapped.

Just to be clear: I'm not going to be going after any particular position on issues, or ideology or party affiliation. Quite the opposite: I very much want comments from many perspectives. And please, feel free to argue vigorously. As long as you can be respectful. If you really don't believe the other party deserves any respect ... well, that's your right, but I'll ask you to find another site for your opinions.

I'd love to have a value-added comments section here. I'll need your help, however. Please join the conversation.

See you in the comments!

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