Read Stuff, You Should: McConnell's Double Game

Jonathan Bernstein's Morning Politics Links

Happy Birthday to Allen Toussaint, 76.

So much of the good stuff:

1. David Mayhew (blogging!) on the six-year itch.

2. No, "Electing more women to Congress isn't a solution for polarization." Political scientist Michele Swers explains.

3. What Mitch McConnell is saying now...interpreted based on what he's been saying earlier. Nice, from Greg Sargent.

4. Megan McArdle on the latest ACA numbers.

5. While Jonathan Cohn has some things that are still going wrong - or could go wrong - for reform.

6. Good one from Dan Larison on Republicans admitting (or not) that the Iraq War was a mistake. I agree with him that a key obstacle for Republicans is that many Republican foreign policy and national security professionals still don't think Iraq was a bad idea. I'd add that I suspect many Republican operatives still believe they live in a world where Republicans are perpetually rewarded for toughness, and Democrats are always penalized by the electorate for their wimpy pacifism. Not helping? Reagan-era news reporters who also still share that assumption.

7. And Seth Masket writes in favor of corruption.

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