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Happy Birthday to Willie McCovey, 76. I suspect he's underrated now, no? Probably not quite as good a career as Frank Thomas, but close.

Long-time readers will know there's not usually this much good stuff:

1. John Sides over at the Monkey Cage with his advice on Christie and the invisible primary: watch the moderates, who Christie really needs. John points out that conservatives "have no incentive to signal that Christie is good enough," which makes sense, but there's still a wide range of options open to conservatives. If they really want to destroy his presidential chances they could pile on non-stop; if they want him around as a viable option, they could keep quiet and wait and see what happens. But John could be right; he's always worth reading.

2. Brendan Nyhan is very good on the press, the Christie scandal, and the invisible primary.

3. Another from the Monkey Cage, and one from their must-read series on polarization: Frances Lee on polarization and political competition.

4. A good point about a new kind of post-Blue Dog Democrat from Ed Kilgore, who knows a lot about the topic.

5. Sarah Posner on abortion in Israel.

6. I love, love, love Ezra Klein's interview posts - including this very informative (and not particularly optimistic, alas) one with health insurance expert Robert Laszewski about how the ACA is doing.

7. Philip Klein fights hard against compassionate conservatism.

8. Fascinating analysis from Kyle Kondik of how the next reapportionment, which is expected to (slightly) help Republicans in the electoral college, might actually help Democrats in the House.

9. And Jessica Taylor on electoral influence "from beyond the grave." Hmmm...I'm not sure what the historical record is on this, but it's a good story either way.

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