Sarah Palin to Save Real American TV Shows

Sarah Palin will host a new TV show covering the outdoor lifestyle -- if we're lucky, she'll stick to sports.

This is not an Onion story: Sarah Palin is returning to the airways to host her own outdoors show.

The program, called "Amazing America," will start on the Sportsman Channel in April. According to a statement by the network, the show is part of something called its "Red, Wild, & Blue" programming and will feature personal stories and interviews that reflect the outdoor lifestyle.

In case you were wondering, the Sportsman Channel reaches just 32 million homes -- less than a third of American households with televisions -- and is basically a one-stop-spot for all your hunting, shooting and fishing needs. Palin will join fellow loudmouth Ted Nugent, who hosts a show on Sportsman called, "Wanted Ted or Alive." It's a match made in conservative heaven, as the two have bonded in the past over their mutual love for rifles. Sportsman also counts the National Rifle Association as one of its major advertisers, airing a daily show called "NRA News, Cam & Co."

I'm happy for Palin, who seems to have finally figured out exactly where she belongs: shooting defenseless animals in front of a minimal audience while ostensibly staying as far away from politics as possible. Unfortunately, given her tendency to turn everything from Passover to NASCAR into a soapbox, I can't imagine it'll be long until she's holding up a freshly caught fish as a viable alternative to food stamps.

For what it's worth, Sportsman Chief Executive Officer Gavin Harvey maintains that Palin was hired for her celebrity, not politics.

"It's not our intention at Sportsman to take any political position," he said, per the Associated Press. "This lifestyle, coast to coast, crosses every type of political spectrum," which would be believable but for the fact that Palin is among the more geographically polarizing voices and has taken care time and again remind us that only part of the country can be considered true patriots.

Interestingly, Sportsman is owned by a private-equity firm run by Leo Hindery Jr., former CEO of the YES Network and one of the nation's biggest Democratic fundraisers. In March, when his company was vying to acquire another network specializing in outdoor programming, Hindery found himself at the center of a conspiracy theory held by conservatives who thought him to be "consolidating all of America's leading gun-culture media outlets and stripping them down to virtual destruction."

Looks like Mama Grizzly joined Sportsman just in time to save "real American" programming.

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