Have Republicans Shut Down Their Brains?

The GOP proposals are fiscally irresponsible, ludicrously short term, and certainly not worth having shut the government down to achieve. 

I've been trying to write about what's happening with the debt ceiling for hours, but every time I do, something new happens, and I have to start over. This morning the proposal on the table from Senate leaders Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell was to reopen the government ... but only until Jan. 15, because the Democrats hope that before then they'll be able to renegotiate the hated sequestration spending cuts, which are scheduled to take place shortly thereafter. It would raise the debt ceiling until Feb. 7, because the Republicans apparently want to have another theatrical negotiation in three months -- sort of an early Valentine's Day gift to the nation. There would be increased scrutiny of subsidy eligibility for health insurance. And the deal would delay for one year the reinsurance fees that health insurers pay in exchange for help defraying their costs if they end up with too many old and sick people in their pool.

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