Is Karl Rove a Deficit Dove Now?

For some reason, Karl Rove seems to like Josh Barro's post arguing that we shouldn't be trying to cut deficits now.

I was pleased to see this morning that Karl Rove tweeted my post on yesterday's Congressional Budget Office fiscal projections. That's the post where I said CBO's analysis "shows that deficit panic is unwarranted, and that policymakers should focus on boosting the economy instead of cutting debt" -- much like CBO's previous report did.


Just four months ago, Rove was urging Republicans to use the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip to force spending reductions, arguing that such a move was necessary to "prevent a fiscal catastrophe." Obviously, that runs counter to what I wrote yesterday.

I'm sure Karl isn't the kind of guy who only reads headlines. (It was: "Don't Get Too Excited About the New, Smaller Deficit.") So I can only interpret his tweet to mean that he has changed his mind and intends to use his social-media voice to urge his fellow Republicans to drop their counterproductive fight for fiscal austerity. Thanks, Karl, and welcome to the club!

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