Will Geithner's Book Be Tweet Revenge?

News that former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will write a book has prompted lots of chattering on Wall Street and in Washington.

The discussion, however, hasn't centered on whether Geithner will pen a bare-knuckled tell-all (returning fire to such critics as former Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Sheila Bair and bailout overseer Neil Barofsky) or a more nuanced, professorial take on his response to the financial crisis (akin to his predecessor, Henry Paulson).

Instead, talk has centered mainly on the title of Geithner's book. In what's either a sign of sheer creativity or the time-sucking nature of the Internet, Treasury watchers took to Twitter to suggest titles that ranged from funny to biting to downright literate. With that in mind, here are some of the gems from the hashtag #geithnerbooktitles:

  • The One Percent Solution (@Rancec)
  • Angels and Lehmans (@minakimes)
  • A Farewell to ARMS (@jimmiebjr)
  • A Tale of Two Citis (@stefanjbecket)
  • Gone With the Economy (@UltimateDemon44)
  • The World According to TARP (@morningmoneyben)
  • The Fox and the Henhouse (@HostetlerNathan)
  • TurboTax for Dummies (@__redpill__)
  • Midnight in the Garden of Goldman and Evil (@cdpurdy)
  • Crime and No Punishment (@moneymcbags)
  • The AIG of Innocence (@jimaley)
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