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Bloomberg View: The World in Focus

Today we introduce Bloomberg View, the new opinion section of Bloomberg News. Bloomberg View will publish regular columns, op-ed articles by occasional contributors and unsigned editorials. The last of these -- the editorials -- require some explaining.

Why editorials? In an age of celebrity, when everybody is marketing his or her own brand, an unsigned opinion article seems old-fashioned. Done right, editorials can do things that other news and opinion articles can’t do, or at least not as well. Editorials can see the world whole. That is, they can be logically consistent with one another, each a piece of the larger puzzle, and each able to withstand changing circumstances.

In our case, we hope that over time a general philosophy will emerge. Right now, we can’t say precisely what that philosophy will be, only that it will be committed to transparency and tolerance, to nonpartisanship and intellectual honesty, to free markets and data-driven solutions to national and international problems -- values embodied by Mike Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg LP. We hope to shape our vision, too, by drawing on Bloomberg’s reporting and analytics, as well as experts the world over.

There are always pressures that prevent people from seeing the world clearly, or at least from describing clearly what they see. Politicians have their eyes on the next election or the needs of their political party. Corporate leaders have private interests that may conflict with the public interest. Even the most selfless advocates may find it hard to see the justice in causes that conflict with their own.

The job of an editorial, by contrast, is to describe the world clearly and honestly; to test its opinion against legitimate counterarguments. That doesn’t mean it is always right. But it has no purpose other than to get things right -- and to give readers enough understanding to disagree with what’s been written.

In a world of omnipresent spin, having a project dedicated to these pursuits is no bad thing. So let’s begin.

    To contact the senior editor responsible for Bloomberg View’s editorials: David Shipley at davidshipley@bloomberg.net .

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