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John Authers
Dig in for the acronym wars. Here’s what you need to know about rights, power, influence and who’s trying to exercise them.
Parmy Olson
The company’s strong reputation for privacy will be tested as it begins to gather more sensitive data and grows its ad business.
John Authers
Inflation proved too stubborn to cut rates despite a ‘pause.’ That’s a dark cloud hanging over the Fed heading into next week.
Robert Burgess
Currency, bond and stock investors are all sending the same message — ignore the messiness of democracy in motion; the US is the place to be.
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Love, Loneliness, + Loss | AI IRL Episode 8

"As the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence increase, they are creating new ways for people to forge humanlike connections with machines. From virtual companions to robot therapists, some are finding that AI is getting close to the kind of emotional support, friendship and even sexual gratification they'd find in a person. But while the yearning for love and companionship is very human, the AI chatbots filling that void are very much not. And what's more, there are countless risks and unforeseen consequences to letting code-based connections into our lives. On this episode of AI IRL, Bloomberg's Nate Lanxon and Jackie Davalos are joined by Eugenia Kuyda, founder of Replika, and Bloomberg reporter Ellen Huet to discuss AI companionship. They also talk with James Arrowood, co-CEO of cryonics company Alcor, about how AI could help preserve human organs for future use." (Source: Bloomberg)

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