Trump: ‘I Love the Idea of Campaign Finance Reform’

Billionaire Republican 2016 contender Donald Trump says unlike rivals such as Jeb Bush, he wouldn’t be beholden to big-money campaign donors if elected president.

  • Bush would be “like a puppet” to contributors, Trump says in news conference in N.H.
  • Bush’s Super-PAC should release names of donors: Trump
  • Trump also took jab at Bush for having “no energy” and “going down the tubes”
  • Trump repeats that he thinks idea of having woman running mate is “fabulous”; declines to speculate on possible picks
  • NOTE: Trump is set to arrive tmrw at Iowa State Fair in Des Moines by private helicopter, Washington Post reported earlier; Trump plans to visit the butter sculpture of a cow, doesn’t plan to take questions at fair’s Des Moines Register Soapbox
  • NOTE: Trump tops GOP 2016 field in Iowa, with 22% support, followed by Ben Carson with 14%, Scott Walker with 9%, according to CNN/ORC poll released this week

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