Trump Leads, Bush Second in N.H. in Monmouth University Poll

Donald Trump has a 2-to-1 edge over his nearest rival, Jeb Bush, in Monmouth University Poll of likely New Hampshire GOP primary voters.

  • “The controversy over comments about John McCain’s war service do not appear to have slowed the Trump steamroller,” Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute says in statement
  • NOTE: Poll was conducted entirely after Trump’s July 18 comment that McCain is “not a war hero”; related story
  • When second choices are taken into account, Trump takes votes from nearly all his opponents, but appears to hurt Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz the most
  • Trump backed by 24% of likely voters, Bush backed by 12%
    • John Kasich at 7%, Scott Walker at 7%, Marco Rubio at 6%, Ben Carson at 5%, Rand Paul at 5%; others below 5%, 14% undecided

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