Elizabeth Warren Won't Say If She'll Back Hillary Clinton

The Massachusetts senator says the trade deal matters to her and millions of workers.

Warren on Hillary: I’d Like to See Her Be Clearer

Senator Elizabeth Warren wouldn't say Tuesday whether her differences with Hillary Clinton over trade would cause her to withhold her endorsement from the Democratic presidential frontrunner.

Asked repeatedly by Bloomberg's Peter Cook if Clinton's still-vague position might cause her to withhold support, Warren repeatedly refused to answer. 

"What I think you're asking me is does this matter to me? " she said. "The answer is it matters to millions of workers across this country."

Warren's comments came hours after Clinton, in Iowa, broke a long silence on the trade deal to say that she has not yet made up her mind about supporting it. "I want to judge the final agreement," she said. That prompted Warren to note that even the former secretary of state has not been able to see details of the proposed trade agreement with Asian nations.

Noting that Clinton is already opposed to some proposed provisions that could undermine U.S. regulations, Warren pushed her to go further. "She’s always said that she is opposed to that, but I’d like to see her be clearer on that," Warren said.

—Jennifer Epstein contributed reporting.


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