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Tyler Cowen

Where’s the Best Place to Ride Out the Next Cataclysm?

The wisest plan for any American worried about asteroids, volcanoes or nuclear war: Just stay put.

What if it were an asteroid?

What if it were an asteroid?

Photographer: MORGAN SETTE/AFP

The apocalypse is not nigh, as I have long maintained, but what about a cataclysm? I am talking about a sudden and extreme violent event: Just last month, an asteroid big enough to destroy a city passed between the Earth and the moon. The possibility of a nuclear exchange is greater than it has been in decades. Scientists are still studying the global impact of last year’s eruption of a super-volcano in the South Pacific.

If you fear that America is going to face a cataclysm of some sort soon, you may ask yourself where you should ride it out. I have a counterintuitive answer: If you live in a dense urban area, stay put — especially if, like me, you live in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.