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Andreas Kluth

We Have to Talk About Adolf Hitler

“Hitler Kitsch,” “Nazi Porn” and Godwin’s Law have given us the frightening ignorance of people like Kanye West.

Kanye West likes this.

Kanye West likes this.

Credit: Hulton Archive

We could try to just dismiss people such as Ye, the celebrity formerly known as Kanye West, as unhinged. After all, American talk shows — like the one on which Ye slavered his latest drivel from underneath the black ski mask he was wearing — teem with bigoted twaddle. Nobody takes that stuff seriously, right?

But ask yourself how one of the few remaining Holocaust survivors would hear the words Ye uttered. Or, for that matter, how one of the many Holocaust deniers will now use them. No, we can’t just call Ye and his ilk deranged and move on. We’ve got a problem.