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Andreas Kluth

Believe It or Not, Putin's Foes Are Now Nazi Satanists

Russians have been told Ukrainians are pawns of the West. Or they don’t exist at all. Or they’re Nazis. And Satanists. And many believe these absurdities.

Would Big Brother lie to you?

Would Big Brother lie to you?

Photographer: Alexander Nemenov/AFP via Getty Images

If you are Russian and inhabit the propaganda universe created by your president, Vladimir Putin, it must be hard keeping up with the reasons why your country had to attack and brutalize Ukraine.

At one point, Russia was forced to invade because otherwise NATO would have taken Ukraine. Then you had to attack because Ukraine isn’t a country at all, but part of Russia, which Ukrainians had forgotten. Actually, it was because the Ukrainians, including their Jewish president, are Nazis. No? Well, they’re definitely terrorists. Come to think of it, Ukrainians are actually Satanists. So, just to be clear, Russia is fighting to "stop the supreme ruler of Hell, whatever name he uses — Satan, Lucifer or Iblis.”