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Chris Bryant

The Private Jet Boom Is Ripe for Public Scrutiny

As more private plane operators join stock exchanges, their outsized carbon emissions will become increasingly apparent.

Not so private after all.

Not so private after all.

Photographer: Bridget Bennett/Bloomberg

Fed up with having his private jet tracked by climate activists typing on Twitter, Bernard Arnault has sold the capacious Bombardier 7500 aircraft belonging to his luxury goods company LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE. But the world’s third-richest man isn’t about to join the masses flying commercial (quelle horreur!). Instead, Arnault plans to rent private aircraft: “The result now is that no one can see where I go,” he told LVMH-owned Radio Classique this week.

Arnault’s riposte was a public-relations gift to private jet operators including NetJets, Flexjets and Vista Global, who have long touted the privacy advantages of alternatives such as fractional ownership and pre-paid blocks of flying time.