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David A. Hopkins

Are Republicans and Big Business Headed for a Breakup?

The party may not like how "woke" America’s boardrooms are, but it still favors economic policy that benefits corporate interests.

10 years ago, but another era.

10 years ago, but another era.


The alliance between big business and the Republican Party, one of the oldest in US politics, is unusually frayed these days. The question is whether there will be a complete unraveling.

There is ample evidence of a strained relationship. Senator Rick Scott of Florida, the current chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, introduced his “Rescue America” policy plan earlier this year with the accusation that “most corporate boardrooms” are now controlled by the “militant left.” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become engaged in a public battle with the Walt Disney Co. that led to the state revoking some of Disney’s long-held powers and tax advantages. Representative Jim Banks of Indiana, a potential member of House Republican leadership in the next session of Congress, recently said that Republicans are “so much healthier now that we’ve divorced ourselves from corporate America.”