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Adrian Wooldridge

Want to Become a Digital Nomad? Try Before You Buy

More and more people want to work anywhere but the office. But getting beach sand in your laptop is not the only risk of untethering from the mothership.

Pro tip: Don’t untether yourself from the mothership. 

Pro tip: Don’t untether yourself from the mothership. 

Photographer: EyesWideOpen/Getty Images

Charles McCormick is the CEO of City Bikes Inc., a couple of bike shops in Washington, one in Adams Morgan and one in Tenleytown, both of which do a healthy trade in e-bikes. He is also a digital nomad who has spent most of his time since 2009 on the road. “You are sitting in front of your computer to get your administration done,” he says, “so why not do it somewhere nice.”

McCormick’s desire to be “somewhere nice” has driven him to ride his motorbike across Europe, South America, Africa and Central Asia (“it’s a progressive tour that is ongoing”), and involved him in some hair-raising moments, including being expelled from Mali during the 2011 coup. He’s now decided to swap his motorcycle for a camper van re-engineered to accommodate e-bikes.