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Faye Flam

Haven’t Had Covid Yet? Maybe You’ve Just Been Lucky

With highly contagious new variants in circulation, anyone who hasn’t yet gotten sick can probably thank randomness or genetics more than behavior.

Giving luck a leg up.

Giving luck a leg up.

Photographer: Bloomberg

There’s a trend for experts who’ve yet to test positive for Covid to explain their disease virginity on social media, detailing all the steps they’ve taken to evade the increasingly pervasive virus. Covid virginity is becoming more special now that it describes a shrinking minority. The lucky few, like weight-loss gurus, are only too happy to share their secrets to success.

Some sound quite reasonable, such as virologist Angela Rasmussen, who tweeted that despite resuming travel to scientific conferences, she’s remained uninfected by wearing high quality masks when warranted, skipping the hotel gym, eating outdoors and walking instead of cabbing if possible.