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Jared Dillian

Average Investors Should Try and Time Markets

It doesn’t mean going all in or out but rather tweaking allocations in response to telltale signals. 

Can you time the markets? 

Can you time the markets? 

Photographer: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Novice investors are constantly told to never – never! - time the market. Just buy and hold stocks, dollar-cost averaging over time. That is good advice. I know some novice investors who have done very well through various economic cycles, buying stocks in both good and bad times – especially the bad times. They have unshakable faith that the market will always come back. If you didn’t have such faith, you wouldn’t be able to invest in this fashion. 

I am a professional investor and have timed the market with some success, but not too much because it is very hard to do. But I think novice investors should attempt to time the market once or twice in their investing careers. Sacrilege, I know. I’m not talking about getting totally in or out of the market, but rather about making changes in asset allocation that have the potential to boost returns substantially over time.