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Julian Lee

Who Gets What in the Great British £100 Fuel Fill-Up

Don’t blame petrol and diesel station owners for high prices. They actually get very little of the energy profit pie.

Fuel prices soar

Fuel prices soar

Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

It’s easy to blame petrol station owners for the escalating cost of fuel, but they’re not the source of woe for motorists in the UK facing soaring prices. They’re just the human faces having to deal with anger that should be directed elsewhere.

The cost of filling a 15 US gallon (55 liter) fuel tank on a standard family saloon car has risen beyond £100 ($120), putting an increasing strain on the budgets of people who are still reluctant to use public transport for fear of catching Covid and, more immediately, face a week of strikes that threaten to bring much of the country’s rail network to a halt.