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Anjani Trivedi

Can a Covid-Zero China Still Lift Up the World?

The economic data may look grim, but Beijing has already managed to help get the industrial sector back on track. Its citizens? Not so much.

Jump starting the industrial sector.

Jump starting the industrial sector.

Source: AFP/Getty Images

Deciphering China has become nearly impossible. Officials continue to insist on the viability of their Covid-zero strategy, curtailing people’s movements and sealing borders even as the rest of the world has all but moved on from the pandemic. Trying to predict when Beijing will give up on this widely criticized policy is pointless.

Of key interest now is what’s happening on the factory floor of the world. Will it — or won’t it — continue to create and buoy global supply and demand? Most China watchers warn about deteriorating indicators. In the first three months of the year, manufacturing weakened, with factories closed and fewer workers on production lines. Industrial output fell in April, data this week showed.