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Anjani Trivedi

Tesla Is Hedging Its Global Supply Chain Bets

Elon Musk is hunting for new Asian production hubs for his EVs. Indonesia looks like the clear winner, while India appears to have missed the boat.

It’s a hyper-competitive market.

It’s a hyper-competitive market.

Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

From India to Indonesia, Elon Musk is scouting out sites to make more Teslas for global roads. With the world mired in supply chain chaos, access to materials matters most. He’s got it right.

After lobbying against India’s tight policies around manufacturing and prohibitive import duties, Musk is headed to meet Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo and visit several areas across the country, which is also the top producer of nickel, a key metal for batteries. That’s an astute bet — for Tesla and Indonesia. And a missed opportunity for New Delhi.

To meet ambitious electric vehicle targets, Indonesia has drawn in several battery and car manufacturers in recent months with a variety of incentives. Government ministers say they hope to have investment across the supply chain.