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Allison Schrager

Five Days a Week in the Office? It’s Better for Everyone.

Career-building and company culture rely on co-workers being together as much as possible.

It’s a 5-day-a-week world.

It’s a 5-day-a-week world.

Source: Bloomberg

It’s time to go back to the office. No one wants to hear this, but eventually you'll be commuting five days a week. Perhaps, as someone who worked from home most of her career, I'm not the right messenger. Nevertheless, it’s the truth.

I recently spoke with a 50-ish successful executive at a large media company. She said she never wanted to go back to the office. She loved working from her second home in Miami — or the resort in Mexico she just returned from. She said she was just as productive, if not more, working this way. I asked if she thought the arrangement was equally good for junior staff.