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Tim Culpan

It Would Be Folly for China to Bust Russia Sanctions

Tempting as it may be to turn a quick profit and help a friend in need, Beijing would be smart enough not to take the risk.

They wouldn’t be so foolish.

They wouldn’t be so foolish.

Photographer: Leo Ramirez/AFP/Getty Images

There are many ways a Chinese company might sidestep U.S. sanctions and provide technology products to Russia. It could hide American imports behind third-party suppliers, implement layers of shell companies to obfuscate source and destination, or create elaborate schemes to hide data from forensic accountants. They’d be foolish for trying, and Beijing itself would likely step in to stop them.

The U.S. and its allies were swift to act after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Washington led a coalition of more than 30 countries that halted the supply of U.S. goods and services, or those that use American technology or production equipment. A separate package of financial restrictions cut the nation off from global banking systems.