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Timothy L. O'Brien

Trump's Accountants Just Quit. What Took So Long?

It’s going to be increasingly difficult for the family business to continue if banks become unwilling to lend.

The rats are leaving the ship.

The rats are leaving the ship.

Photographer: Mario Tama/Getty Images North America

Donald Trump’s accountants, Mazars USA LLP, decided to call it quits. For the former president and his three eldest children, it’s an unwelcome development that amplifies financial pressures enveloping their company, the Trump Organization. It also raises the stakes in a pair of high-profile fraud investigations of the family.

All of which leads me to wonder: What took you so long, Mazars? And if the Trumps can’t find an accountant while law enforcement officials continue to comb through their finances, how easy will it be for their debt-laden company to continue moving forward?