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Amanda Little

Mocktails Are 100 Proof Millennial Market Gold

Like the faux meat boom, zero-alcohol beverages are a health-conscious trend with important ethical and environmental implications.

Mocktails are having their moment.

Mocktails are having their moment.

Photographer: Cindy Ord/Getty Images 


While omicron stirs up pandemic déjà vu with swamped hospitals, canceled flights and millions of people quarantined — one trend that dominated earlier Covid-19 waves is on the decline: binge boozing.

It’s been widely documented that alcohol consumption surged in the U.S. in 2020 and began to ease up in 2021. Now 2022 has begun with overwhelming participation in Dry January — 19% of American adults are abstaining from alcohol (or trying to) this month, according to one survey. What's surging now is the business of non-alcoholic booze.