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Andreas Kluth

Europe to Russia: Invade Ukraine, and We All Join NATO

Six countries are members of the European Union but not NATO. That no longer makes sense.

The end of Finlandization?

The end of Finlandization?

Photographer: Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

You may not have been glued to the annual new year’s address by Finland’s president. That’s understandable but unfortunate, because Sauli Niinisto said some remarkable things. His speech should give the European Union an idea, to be discussed not just in Brussels but also — and especially — in the capitals of Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta.  

These six countries all belong to the EU but are otherwise officially non-aligned, meaning that they are not members of NATO, the transatlantic alliance that kept the peace during the Cold War and currently has to figure out how it would respond to a renewed invasion of Ukraine by Russia.