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Scott Duke Kominers

Kominers’s Conundrums: The Olympics of Brainteasers Is Here

Solve these puzzles while watching your favorite events in Tokyo.

Dive into these puzzles!

Dive into these puzzles!

Photographer: VCG/Visual China Group

The Olympics are in full swing, and at Conundrums we’re giving you a chance to get in on the action. Below, we present a series of puzzles based around three of our favorite summer Olympic sports: archery, sport climbing and diving.

The answer to each puzzle is a common English word or phrase — and even better, each one is a bit of a pun. Solving any one of them counts as a full solve this week, which means you can “medal” in whichever sport you choose. But if you do manage to solve all three, you can combine their answers into a bonus puzzle, and claim an absolutely epic prize.