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Max Nisen

Get Ready for the Next Wave of Covid Vaccines

New shots on the way from biotechnology startups and pharmaceutical giants will greatly aid the global pandemic fight. Here are four standouts.

Help is on the way.

Help is on the way.

Photographer: Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

There are more than 10 effective Covid-19 vaccines in use around the world, so it's easy to forget those still in development. That's a mistake. These candidates may be taking longer to arrive, but they're essential to the pandemic fight. Most of the world is still unvaccinated, keeping the virus threat alive, and wherever it is able to spread unchecked there’s a risk of variants cropping up that can evade the protection offered by the current crop of shots. Governments need everything they can get and these shots offer the promise of billions of doses of reinforcements.

Of the dozens of vaccine programs in human testing, there are some standouts. Here are four of them, including their status, advantages and challenges.