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Bobby Ghosh

Iraq’s Economic Woes Hit Harder Than U.S. Injustice

Higher inflation and cutbacks in government payrolls and payments portend an ugly 2021 for the Iraqi public.

Dinars don’t go as far as dollars.

Dinars don’t go as far as dollars.

Photographer: Asaad Niazi/AFP via Getty Images

Outrage over President Trump’s decision to pardon four American mercenaries for the murder of 17 people in Baghdad may bring a perverse form of respite for Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi and Iraq’s political elite: For this news cycle, at least, people will be madder at Trump than at them.

But the insult and injustice of the pardon for the Blackwater guards will not long distract Iraqis from the injuries and indignities that their own leaders have inflicted on them. Minds dwelling on the gruesome Nisour Square massacre in the fall of 2007 will soon revert to today’s grim realities, and the coming year’s glum prospects.