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Timothy L. O'Brien and Nir Kaissar

What Winning the Covid-19 War Would Look Like

Biden should reposition the Department of Homeland Security to ensure the U.S. is ready for the next pandemic.

Next time, the U.S. can do better.

Next time, the U.S. can do better.

Photographer: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

In early spring, as Covid-19 began marching across the U.S., President Donald Trump described it as an existential challenge. “We’re at war. In a true sense, we’re at war,” he said. “Look, the greatest thing we can do is win the war. The war is against the virus. That’s the war.”

He was right. And recently there’s been heartening and exciting news from the battlefront. Three companies, Pfizer Inc., BioNTech SE and Moderna Inc., have announced promising results from late-stage trials of possible Covid-19 vaccines. If all goes well, they might be generally available early next year.