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Ferdinando Giugliano

It’s Not Just You. Lockdowns Make Us Less Creative.

Being able to work from home is a privilege. But there are still costs to consider.

Out of ideas.

Out of ideas.

Photographer: Kira Hofmann/picture alliance

As Europe struggles with the second wave of the virus and faces a new round of lockdowns, governments and businesses must ask themselves whether people will cope with more restrictions as well as they have striven to do so far.

For many white-collar workers, the pandemic has already made remote work the new normal. But for all of its advantages, like saving on commuting time, there is also a price to pay — one that increases the longer we are out of the office and not able to meet others in person. Not only does virtual and distanced working risk loneliness, it is also bound to reduce on-the-job learning, creativity and innovation — all of which are often tied to serendipitous encounters.