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Timothy L. O'Brien

A Guided Tour Into the Troubled Mind of Donald Trump

Mary Trump is a clinical psychologist and the president’s niece — and her new book peels back the layers of a dysfunctional family that shaped her uncle.

Meet the parents.

Meet the parents.

Photographer: Zach Gibson/Bloomberg

Mary Trump, a trained clinical psychologist and the niece of the president of the United States, knows of what she speaks.

“It’s difficult to understand what goes on in any family — perhaps hardest of all for the people in it. Regardless of how a parent treats a child, it’s almost impossible for that child to believe that parent means them any harm,” she observes in her new book, “Too Much and Never Enough,” as she parses the legacy of the patriarch, Fred Trump Sr. “Abuse can be quiet and insidious just as often as, or even more often than, it is loud and violent. As far as I know, my grandfather wasn’t a physically violent man or even a particularly angry one. He didn’t have to be; he expected to get what he wanted and almost always did.”