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John Authers

Ten Plagues and Four Questions: A Coronavirus Passover

Is the U.S. really back in a bull market, and other financial talking points for a coronavirus-affected festival.

This time really is different.

This time really is different.

Photographer: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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Wednesday marks the first night of Passover, the festival at which Jews the world over gather to commemorate the exodus from Egypt by eating a highly symbolic meal, known as a Seder. Jesus’s Last Supper, at which he told his followers that the wine was his blood and the unleavened bread (Matzoh in Hebrew) his body, was a Seder. It is one of the most profound and influential rites in Western civilization. It starts with the youngest person present asking four questions (in Hebrew, in a beautiful lilting tune) about why the Passover night will be different from all other nights. The idea is to encourage the younger generation to question an ancient tradition, and force others present to explain why the story of Exodus is so important.