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Francis Wilkinson

Biden Should Begin Calling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Now

The congresswoman saved Bernie Sanders’s campaign, but her political future runs through the party, not through his faction.

A Biden alliance could work for her, too.

A Biden alliance could work for her, too.

Photographer: Adam Glanzman/Bloomberg

Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday victory was monumental — and dangerously incomplete. Biden did better than just about anyone anticipated, dominating key states like North Carolina and Virginia, winning upsets in Massachusetts and Minnesota, and pulling out a narrow victory in delegate-rich Texas.

More than that, he obliterated Senator Bernie Sanders’s rationale for his campaign — that his candidacy would inspire a tsunami of new voters to carry him to victory. Instead, Sanders shows little sign of expanding the electorate while stumbling in the moderate suburban districts that gave Democrats their House majority in 2018 and are crucial to their presidential and congressional hopes in 2020.