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Ramesh Ponnuru

Sanders Wins Again. So Does Trump.

There’s no question the Vermont senator is the front-runner, but many questions remain about his electability. 

No stopping him now?

No stopping him now?

Photographer: Mario Tama/Getty Images 

The Democrats’ latest debate, in Las Vegas, confirmed both that Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is in the lead for the nomination and that he would be an extraordinarily risky nominee for the party he seeks to lead.

Sanders reiterated that he wants to ban fracking, and had no real answer when asked what that would mean for all the people employed in it. He stuck by a health care plan that would outlaw the health insurance coverage most people now have, offering no explanation for why union members should give up what they have won in negotiations. He re-affirmed that he is a “democratic socialist,” when socialist is a label from which most independent voters and a significant fraction of Democratic voters recoil. He is 78 and, as debate viewers were reminded, has recently had a heart attack.