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Classroom Technology Doesn’t Make the Grade

Schools are spending billions on digital tools. Students have little to show for it.

Worth the hype?

Worth the hype?

Source: MediaNews Group

At least since the invention of the blackboard two centuries ago, educators have used technology to enhance classroom instruction. The digital revolution has accelerated that trend, with the market for educational tech in the U.S. and Europe exceeding $100 billion. What’s less clear is whether these investments are doing any good.

Advances in educational software, particularly applications that aim to “personalize” learning, have the potential to help students, support teachers and make academics more engaging. But a good deal of the technology pouring into schools remains unproven, untested and — due to inadequate teacher training — poorly applied. To avoid squandering further time and tax dollars, policy makers should limit spending on new technologies until more schools demonstrate they’re able to use them effectively.