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Anna Stansbury

Moving Job Interviews Out of Bedrooms Matters

An oddity of the economics profession illustrates how systemic disadvantage works.

A more professional approach.

A more professional approach.

Photographer: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

In recent years, when I told people that I, an academic economist, might be interviewing for my next job in a hotel bedroom, I would get one of two reactions: either shock and bemusement (and, since #MeToo broke, a Harvey Weinstein joke) or, more commonly, a mildly confused shrug and a “so what?”

Now, though, the American Economic Association — the professional association for economists in academia, industry, and policy — has announced measures to move economics job interviews out of hotel bedrooms. These come after a host of other moves to improve women’s representation and inclusion (much needed in a field where less than 15% of full professors are women).