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Lionel Laurent

Donald Trump Throws a Tax Bomb at Emmanuel Macron

The White House is using France’s digital tax in an attempt to divide and rule in the EU. It’s a big test of whether Europe’s leaders will stand by Paris. 

Divide and conquer.

Divide and conquer.


President Donald Trump has been hunting for reasons to extract trade concessions from the European Union with the eagerness of a dog scrabbling around for a bone buried in the back yard.

First came Germany’s $24 billion car trade surplus with the U.S., with Trump coming close to labeling the import of cars made by BMW AG, Mercedes and Volkswagen AG as a threat to America’s national security (before he granted a reprieve). Then there was a World Trade Organization ruling on Airbus SE’s long-running subsidy fight with Boeing Co., which gave the White House enough ammunition to threaten tariffs on at least $11 billion in European goods under the cloak of fair trade.