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Mark Gongloff

America’s Democratic Infrastructure Is Crumbling

HR1 won’t become law any time soon, but it’s got the right ideas for fixing our electoral system.

A poor reflection of democracy.

A poor reflection of democracy.

Photographer: Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images North America

Much like its crumbling bridges and tunnels, the infrastructure of America’s democracy needs urgent maintenance and repair.

Too many Americans find it too hard to vote, or think their vote doesn’t count after years of headlines about cheating, foreign interference, partisan redistricting, the corrosive influence of big money and more. It just so happens there’s a bill in Congress right now, HR 1, that addresses these issues. Bloomberg’s editorial board supports its passage, while acknowledging it won’t become law any time soon, because Republicans in the Senate, the White House and the Supreme Court won’t support it. And it’s true Republicans have mostly benefited from some of these systemic flaws lately; but both parties will suffer as confidence in democracy fades, as the editors warn is happening now.