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May’s Brexit Deal Is Not the Answer

The U.K. needs to admit that Brexit has failed.

It isn’t working.

It isn’t working.

Photographer: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May announced Wednesday that she has secured her cabinet’s support for her plan to leave the European Union. The choice now, she said, is her deal, “or leave with no deal, or no Brexit at all.” Put that way, the right choice — the only sane choice — is more obvious than she perhaps intended: no Brexit at all.

The terms of May’s deal prove the folly of the whole endeavor. Support for Brexit in the referendum of 2016 was narrow; for months, emerging details about what quitting the EU would mean have been changing minds. May and her cabinet have kept going regardless. This sleepwalking to disaster needs to end. Parliament should reject the plan, and, with or without May as prime minister, press for a second referendum to reverse this historic error.