Jonathan Bernstein, Columnist

Cut Your Losses on Kavanaugh, Republicans

There are plenty of young, qualified judges who could take his place and save the country from an even uglier spectacle. Plus, Jonathan Bernstein’s morning links.


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The woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault when they were teenagers is now speaking out. Given that most Senate Democrats already opposed him due to his conservative views and very partisan background, the question about confirmation becomes: What are Republicans, who were otherwise ready to support him, going to do about the situation?

Republicans put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court decades ago despite Anita Hill’s credible claims of sexual harassment, and he is still a Supreme Court justice. Which means that if Republicans confirm Kavanaugh, the highest court in the land will be a living symbol that the law does not treat women as full citizens.

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Cut Your Losses on Kavanaugh, Republicans