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Matt Levine

Nobody Enjoys Earnings Season

Also meal allowances, Tesla funding, sovereign debt and DJ D-Sol.

Semiannual earnings.

Instead of releasing financial results four times a year, as they do now, should U.S. public companies only release results twice a year? It’s something Donald Trump vaguely mused about on Twitter this month, and there was an immediate voluminous debate about the dangers of short-termism, the value of public information, etc. I tend to think that more information is good and that short-termism is an overblown problem, so I guess my bias is for quarterly earnings, but mostly I find it hard to get that excited either way. If the debate was between advocates of daily reporting and advocates of never reporting, then there’d be a deep philosophical difference between them. But two times a year versus four times a year? Ehhh. Either is probably fine.